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Jonathan Choquette


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Dear fellow herpetologists,

My name is Jonathan Choquette, I am a PhD candidate at Laurentian University in Canada ( As part of my dissertation I am conducting a systematic review of the literature to identify correlates of snake translocation success.

There have been a few herpetofauna-focused reviews previously but none have focused specifically on snakes. Also, we know there is a publication bias in the literature toward “successful” reintroductions of herpetofauna. Therefore, I am reaching out to your organization in the hopes that you may have access to unpublished reports, documents or manuscripts detailing translocations with snakes that include some form of evaluation of survival, site fidelity, reproduction and/or population establishment (regardless of whether or not the translocation was a “success”).

I am looking for case studies on all snake translocations, including those motivated by conservation, research, or mitigation (i.e., in response to development projects, or to mitigate human-snake conflict). If you are willing and able to contribute to this project, please email your material to me at by 20 March 2020.

Thanks so much!

Jonathan Choquette, PhD candidate
Dept. of Biology, Laurentian University
PO BOX 221 Stn. A., Windsor, ON

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