Phoenix, AZ

21-25 July 2021


The participating societies are proceeding with plans for the annual Joint Meetings of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists. Originally planned for 21-25 July, we recognize that it may be necessary to shorten the meetings due to COVID-19 considerations. To the extent possible, plans are being made that address the safety and public health aspects of in-person attendance during the pandemic. If they can be resolved to the satisfaction of our respective boards, we will cautiously proceed. At a minimum, presentations and events will be available virtually to all participants.

The call for abstracts is expected shortly. To assist the program organizers, authors and their co-authors are expected to carefully proof-read their abstracts prior to submission and provide four keywords that identify major themes in the presentation.

The health and safety of participants in the 2021 JMIH are of prime importance to the organizers. Our objective is to provide our members with the latest and best scientific and public health information. To do so, we will monitor the data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the risk assessment by the Harvard Global Health Institute in cooperation with the Brown University School of Public Health.

We encourage all prospective participants to use these summaries and the websites listed below to make their own informed decisions about the safest way for them to participate in the 2021 JMIH. Consider such factors such as the incidence of COVID-19 and its variants of concern in your home area relative to Phoenix (Maricopa Co., AZ) particularly if you have not been vaccinated. Regularly updated summaries of COVID-19 information will be available on the meeting website.

COVID-19 Precautions.

The safe conduct of any in-person attendance requires that we follow established public health practices.


  • Members considering in-person attendance are STRONGLY URGED to get vaccinated.
  • Masks will be required at the Phoenix Convention Center.
  • Attendees should practice physical distancing, maintaining 6ft. between them.
  • No handouts (i.e., abstract book, bags, t-shirts, beverage tickets) will be provided.
  • No sponsored socials or coffee breaks will be held to minimize the risk of virus transmission. Participants and guests are advised to purchase coffee and drinks themselves.
  • No childcare will be provided this year due to uncertainty of availability of vaccines for young children.
  • Participants are encouraged to obey the posted maximum occupancy of meeting and hotel rooms and associated spaces.



  • Cost is currently TBD based upon the response to call for abstracts, but will be reduced, and will include access to all presentations in some manner, physical and virtual. 
  • All aspects of the meeting will be available to access remotely, there are no parts which will be for in-person attendees only.
  • The hybrid meeting mode will not favor one form of participation over another, to the best of our ability.
  • Some parts of the meeting will be synchronous, and others asynchronous.  We will know more once we know how many abstracts we receive.
  • You are not necessarily committing to presenting at the meeting, or even in a particular modality, at this time.  There is time to change/withdraw your abstract should you need to, prior to the final deadline.  We understand that there are many factors that will affect your ability and decision to attend in either modality.