Joseph C. Mitchell Grant in Herpetology

Call For Applications


The Herpetologists’ League announces this annual competitive grant for financial support of research and a related peer-reviewed publication and/or presentation. This award is named in honor of Joseph C. Mitchell, past President and Secretary of the Herpetologist’s League. All proceeds for this grant are donated to the Herpetologists’ League as requested by the late Dr. Mitchell.



  1. An award ($1,000°°) will be presented to one non-student herpetologist who is advancing the field of herpetology by publishing and/or presenting research. This research can focus on any aspect of amphibian or reptile biology, including behavior, conservation, ecology, physiology, morphology or systematics.


  1. See the HL website for application form, complete rules and details, along with the cover

page at:


  1. Entries must be received by 1700 h PST (5 pm) on first Friday of December each year.


  1. Send complete application (cover page, proposal, budget, CV,) as a single PDF electronically

to: Robert Lovich ( and Chris Petersen ( Please put “Joe Mitchell Research Grant” in the subject line.


  1. A single letter of support should be sent, preferably by e-mail, directly from the supporter to Robert Lovich ( and Chris Petersen ( The preferred letter writer is another colleague and/or co-author on the research who is also a member in good standing of the Herpetologist’s League.


  1. Proposals will be reviewed by 3-4 professional scientists from the Joseph C. Mitchell Grant Committee, and written feedback via e-mail will be provided to the applicants by May 15.


  1. Funding will be dispersed in May or earlier and winners announced at the next Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists & Herpetologists. If a compelling need for funding prior to this date is demonstrated, winning applicants will be considered for award more quickly by the Herpetologist’s League.




  1. The applicant must be a member in good standing of The Herpetologists’ League.


  1. The applicant cannot be currently enrolled in a degree-granting program, but has already achieved a degree, and preferably an advanced degree in the biological sciences with a focus on herpetology.


  1. One proposal is allowed per applicant per year (and previous winners may not reapply).


  1. The project must be original work that is authored or co-authored and conducted by the applicant.


  1. Projects that are fully supported by other sources are not eligible.


  1. The research must involve production of a product in the form of a peer-reviewed manuscript for submission to a scientific journal and requiring page charges, or presentation at a scientific meeting.


  1. The applicant must show a distinct lack of funding and resources to develop their research product, clearly demonstrating that without this funding they would most likely not have the resources available to produce the scientific product they are invested in within the field of herpetology.


Preparation Guidelines


  1. Word limit: 1200 words, not including citations, budget, cover page or abbreviated CV.


  1. One-inch margins, with double-spaced, 12-pt font.


  1. Include the cover page provided at the HL website.


  1. Include a detailed budget for how the money will be used, as well as sources and amounts of current and pending support.


  1. Include citations section.


  1. Include a two-page CV that includes applicant’s telephone number, and e-mail and mailing



  1. Arrange in advance for one letter of support to be sent separately by the supporter to Robert Lovich ( and Chris Petersen (