Herpetologists’ League Board and Committee Chair List and Contact Information  (as of 11 June 2018)

Board of Trustees

Willem Roosenburg (until 31 Dec 2019, becomes Past President 1 Jan 2020)

Vice President:
Susan Walls

Renata Platenberg (until 31 Dec 2021)

Laurie Mauger (until 31 Dec 2021)


Communications Secretary:
Max Lambert

Herpetologica Editor:
Sarah Woodley (until 31 Dec 2021)

Herpetological Monographs Editor:
Michael Harvey (until 31 Dec 2021)

Past Presidents
James Spotila (until 31 Dec 2021)
David M. Green (until 31 Dec 2023)
David Sever (until 30 June 2024)

Executive Council

Class of 2019 (until 31 Dec 2019):
Lisa Hazard
Pilar Santidrián Tomillo
Lori Neuman-Lee

Class of 2021 (until 31 Dec. 2021):
Sarah Corey-Rivas
Brian Halsted
Stephen Richter

Standing Committee Chairs

Kim Lovich

Graduate Student Research Award
Cathy Bevier (2018)

Graduate Studies
Chelsea Clyde-Brockway

Roy McDiarmid

HL Service to Herpetology Award
Pat Gregory (end 2019)

Jones-Lovich Research Grants
Carol Spencer


HL Service to Herpetology Award
Pat Gregory (end 2019)

Jones-Lovich Research Grants
Carol Spencer

Long Range Planning & Finance and Membership
Susan Walls

Carl Anthony


Semlitsch Early Career Award
Michelle Boone (end 2020)

Sara Ruane

Williams Research Grants
Ann Paterson (end 2018)

Diversity and Inclusivity
Lori Neumann-Lee (end 2020)


Joint and External Committee Representatives

AIBS Council and BioOne Rep
Alan Savitzky

Conservation (HL/SSAR/ASIH/AES)
Kim Lovich

Code of Conduct (HL/SSAR/ASIH)
Brian Halstead

Education (HL/SSAR/ASIH)
Lynn Haugen (end July 2018)

Meeting Management & Planning (HL/SSAR/ASIH/AES)
David Green

Liaison (HL/SSAR/ASIH)
Alan Savitsky

Herpetologists’ League Presidents

Charles M. Bogert 1946-1947

Kenneth S. Norris 1965

Charles C. Carpenter 1974-1975

Ronald A. Brandon 1984-1985

James P. Bogart 1994-1995

Henry R. Mushinsky 2004-2005

 James Spotilla 2014-2015

*Died in office

Hobart M. Smith 1947-1959

Philip W. Smith 1966-1967

William E. Duellman 1976-1977

Clarence J. McCoy 1986-1987

John B. Iverson 1996-1997

Linda S. Ford 2006-2007

David Green 2016-2017

Alan E. Leviton 1960-1961

John M. Legler 1968-1969

John W. Wright 1978-1979

James R. Dixon 1988-1989

Joseph C. Mitchell 1998-1999

David L. Cundall 2008-2009

David Sever 2018

Herndon G. Dowling 1962-1963

Wilmer W. Tanner 1970-1971

Roy W. McDiarmid 1980-1981

Whitfield Gibbons 1990-1991

Aaron M. Bauer 2000-2001

Harold Heatwole 2010-2011

Wade Fox, Jr. 1964-1965*

T. Paul Maslin 1972-1973

Robert F. Inger 1982-1983

Edmund D. Brodie Jr. 1992-1993

C. Kenneth Dodd Jr. 2002-2003

Stanley Trauth 2012-2013


Chapman Grant 1946-1959

Whitfield Gibbons 1973-1974

*Died in office

Wilmer Tanner 1960 (ex-officio)

John Legler 1960-1965

Frederick Turner 1965-1969

Hobart Landreth 1970-1972*


George Folkerts 1975-1977

Patrick Owen 2006-

Julian Lee 1978-1985

Joe Mitchell 1986-1995

Maureen Donnelly 1996-2000

Mac Given 2001-2005


Harold Dundee 1975

Andrew Price 1988-1993

Phil Medica 1975-1979

Rebecca Pyles 1993-1999

Laurance Hardy 1980-1985

Lynette Sievert 2000-2003

James Berry 1986-1987

Lora Smith 2004-2007

Ellen Censky 1987-1988 (interim)

Meredith Mahoney 2007-