Herpetologica and Herpetological Monographs

HL publishes two scholarly journals — the quarterly Herpetologica, which contains original research papers and essays; and the annual supplement Herpetological Monographs (HM), which contains lengthy research articles and syntheses.  

Established in 1936, Herpetologica is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal serving herpetologists, biologists, ecologists, conservationists, researchers and the scientific community. The journal contains original research papers, essays, and special symposia about the biology of reptiles and amphibians, and covers many relevant topics including: behavior, conservation, ecology, genetics, morphology, physiology and taxonomy. Recent highlights include the June 2020 Special Issue on Amphibian Population Declines. The 2020 impact factor was 1.676. 

Since 1982, Herpetological Monographs has been dedicated to original research about the biology, diversity, systematics and evolution of amphibians and reptiles. Herpetological Monographs is published annually as a supplement to Herpetologica and contains long research papers, manuscripts and special symposia that synthesize the latest scientific discoveries. Recent highlights include the 2020 volume with an open access review on “Developments in Amphibian Parental Care Research: History, Present Advances, and Future Perspectives”. The 2020 impact factor was 1.857.