HL Graduate Research Award

Headed to JMIH? Don’t miss the competition for The Herpetologists’ League Graduate Research Award. Student presentations for the HLGRA will be held on Friday, July 29 in Ballroom 111B. Good luck to our student competitors, and we will see you in Spokane!

Kinsey Brock – 1:30pm causes and consequences of color polymorphism: from individuals isolated on islands to species spanning continents

2:30pm Josiah Johnson – Effect of maternally-transferred mercury on development, behavior, and survival in alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) hatchlings

14:00 Oleksandra Oskyrko – No snakes but legless lizards yes in Ireland: the first evidence based on genetic data.

14:15  Brian Tornabene – Combining experiments and field surveys to estimate comparative effects of energy-related saline wastewaters and sodium chloride on two amphibian species

13:45 Kathleen Webster –  More complex than you’d skink: Morphological and molecular investigation into the island biogeography of Flexiseps skinks in the Comoros Archipelago